PEHG Productions was formed as a limited liability corporation for the purpose of making low budget independent films or t.v. series. An enterprise involving the entire Teaster family, PEHG has, as its founding principle, a strong belief that an interesting and powerful story can be told cinematically without the huge expense of a “Hollywood” budget.

The initials P.E.H.G. are for Pamela, Evan, Hadley, and Gerald Teaster. Gerald and Pamela hope to develop PEHG into a fully functioning production company. If Evan and Hadley, the children, are interested in continuing with the work, they would follow as managers.

Pamela and Gerald have a background in theatre. After careers in academia and law, we wish to apply the knowledge and experience gained in those years to the art of filmmaking. During our years involved in the production of plays, both of us developed a basic philosophy that “big” is not always “better.” Our experience in small, intimate theater showed us the power of the excellent and well made script, the art and craft of acting, and a simple but elegant set. The best productions in which we were involved did have such low budget intimacy.