the-marker-movie-posterMary sees terrifying images at night. They must be hallucinations, right? She is a patient in a nursing home and psychiatric hospital for elderly patients with dementia. So just medicate her and they will go away, or will they? It is impossible that someone is actually visiting her at night. A camera records everything. Nothing is ever seen, or is something there? Mary believes it is an old scorned lover coming back to torture her with different masks and images. But that’s impossible, right? And no one believes in ghosts. No, of course not. So the doctors try all of the tricks. Changing medication, increasing it, decreasing it, having none at all. And the visitors keep coming. One common denominator, all of the demons and images come from one poet from the past, Lord Byron. He was the favorite poet of Mary and her old lover. That’s why she thinks she knows. And only she can do something about it. And she does.

MAGIC TRICK – This is also a short directed by KELLEY CANTRELL. A totally revamped and improved script for Magic Trick is now winning awards (See news above). We also wish to do start a fundraising campaign for this film for a high production value production with an improved script.
What would you do? What would anyone do? You are a neurosurgeon, and your hands are inside of the head of a patient, and you are doing experimental surgery. No one can replace you. If you walk away, the patient dies. But you are also a mom, and you love your son beyond description. But you haven’t always been there for him, and you know it. At the most precarious part of the surgery you are notified that your son is in the emergency room at the same hospital. He has been critically injured in an accident and not expected to live. What do you do? What does the hospital administration do? Do you let the patient die? Your son is asking for you. He is dying.
At the same time the film explores the experience the surgeon’s son is having while lingering between life and death. How can this be resolved? With a little magic, maybe?

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ANIMAL SPIRITS is a potential full length feature previously titled CADAVERDAWG. Currently undergoing script revisions and improvements, ANIMAL SPIRITS is on the runway for production in the future when funding can be secured.
A murder mystery narrated and investigated by… a dog? A what? How is that possible? We are not claiming that this fable is a slice of realism. Rather it is an unusual but effective story partly told by a crusty old dog who knows the setting of a small town in Kentucky like his front paw. This tale of murder and deception is told from different angles and from different points of view, only one of which is the old cadaver dog. The second half of the film takes the audience along a similar path but from a totally different point of view, and we discover who the actual murderer is only in the last minute. Along the way we learn the ramifications of this new age of technology, and it is not a pretty picture for the “two leggers.” And only an Animal Spirit can warn us of our future.

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What started out as a blog by Dan Beebe about some unusual folks in a southern mountain town is being developed into a web series that explores the nebulous turf between reality and soap opera. Here Gerald Teaster and Dan Beebe discuss the project.

the-last-geminiTHE LAST GEMINI
Wally Jones, science fiction artist, sketches a panel for a graphic novel. The novel is a thriller involving a potential invasion of Western Europe by the Soviet Union in 1968, and the attempt of the crew of the last Gemini spacecraft to stop it.

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